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i have a package drinking water company and i am the proprietor. it is 25 years old with good market . Now one person is negotiating regarding participation in a very big supply which involves 1 lac bottle per day. The other person is investing 5 cr for formalities. and will get Rs 2.5 per bottle. But the inclusion will be my company and payment will come in my company name only. As security he wants 2% share in my organization and a separate account will be opened in the name of both of us and for withdraw of money both persons signature is required. But I do not want to tale him as 2% shareholder in my company but want to continue the business.
Please guide me the alternate way to come out of the situation.
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Accepted Answer
PS Dhingra Accepted Answer
Unbelievable story. You want to earn crores of profits but are desirous of charitable services free of cost.

Even otherwise, yours is not a simple case of partnership, rather has the effect of change of the structure of your company involving implication of so many provisions of the corpoprate laws. You may have the need to prepare a project report with all the pros & cons of the proposals, which would need to be examined in detail for further guidance to be implemented systematically over time.

So, better hire services of some expert to handle your project before you accept the proposals from third parties.
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