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  3. Thursday, November 30 2017, 01:28 PM
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Hi members, I am a citizen of this country, I have voter ID/PAN/Adhar Card to substantiate my claim. I need to have the fundamental rights exercised by the other citizens of India. I have a very simple lifestyle and yet observe that unwanted entities who are not at all related to me, I don't know them nor I want to know them, they are increasingly trying to hook to my family. It can be stated that they are desperately trying to hook current or power from my source. They are hooking to my power source and that is very illegal. Because of their negative actions my health is deteriorating by the day, I apprehend that I may die soon, prematurely and so I ask that will these unwanted entities be made accountable if something goes wrong with me?
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Hemant Chaudhary Accepted Answer
Kindly elaborate the matter for proper guidence .. You can contact me for detailed consultation .. Ph:-9654062181/ consultation fee :- 1000/- Adv Hemant Chaudhry
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