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  3. Saturday, December 02 2017, 12:45 PM
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Hi, I would like to bring to your notice a case that caught my attention in recent times where I understand that there occurred a scuffle between person A and person B. According to the version of person A it is understood that Person B slapped person A at first and then dragged person A by hands only to beat him black and blue, later filed a false and fabricated report against person A. Ironically, the daughter, wife, and person B itself were a witness to such event. After years it was conclusively deduced in the context of the case (from information collected) that person B is homosexual and gay. It fabricated the case out of its homosexual behavior. It is also found from analysis and studies that the irresponsible behavior of person B resulted in environmental pollution and adversely affecting the mental balance of others locally or globally. Sir, I would like to request that under such circumstances what will be the next course of action on the part of person A, should he file for compensation or a defamation case in the context of the case. Also like to know if person B is liable to be prosecuted under article 377 which criminalizes homosexual activity.Will be delighted to receive a response from your end.
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Hemant Chaudhary Accepted Answer
Kindly elaborate the matter for proper guidence .. You can contact me for detailed consultation .. Ph:-9654062181/ consultation fee :- 1000/- Adv Hemant Chaudhry
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