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  3. Monday, February 12 2018, 09:56 PM
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I am a respondent on a 494 case in High court as opposing party has forged divorce (never signed by me) document and remarried to some other woman and having kids now. FIR was filed and IPC 494 was filed and he moved to high court for which I retained an advocate however it seems that I have been duped by this con artist who has taken my money and not showing up in court for last 11 months nor answering my phone calls. The case has been listing as SR#1 on weekly basis but neither my advocate nor opposing advocate show up. This person was recommended by relatives however she also have told me not much she can do. Visited my advocate's office address which is not quite a professional office and advocate is not present there. Last month, I was informed via SMS that my advocate has no interest in representing me on my case and so have asked him to reimburse 50% advance that I paid him and retire from the case so I can move on and progress with this case but this is something he has been avoiding.
If this individual does not cooperate, what are my options to relieve him as my representative and how do I appear as party in person. I am strongly confident that next advocate will likely to do similar thing due to influence of opposing party's advocate to pass the time and delay this case. Any help and guidance will be appreciated.

Pratima Kumar.
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ranjan kumar Accepted Answer
Appear personally and seek permission from court for the same.
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