1. Syed
  2. Crimes - Offences
  3. Sunday, February 11 2018, 06:12 PM
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Someone girl filed false police complaint against me regtd F.I.R. also chargesheeted, trial pending, now thereafter as I believe it to be false I felt contest wen summon release to me even trying to get/make quash, thereafter I filed private complaint against same girl, her associates who threatened me torture me unnecessarily I filed complaint against her under offence IPC 406,426,500,504 f.I.r has regstd against her, now I know / believe that her associate or her family means her brothers internally planing to end me or any members of my family by their cruel mentality so now I say this s only information.. So ?? can I ask police to register application/complaint for me or my family life protection against her, her brother, her associates, if s? Which IPC this situation refers? If station house officer refuse to take application,exactly to whom should I submit my request ? I mean which official like acp? Dcp? Sp? Dig? It can b posible to fill aplction for future life protection/threat?
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