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  2. Divorce & 498a IPC
  3. Thursday, June 08 2017, 01:47 PM
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I was married with a HINDU women who has separated from her first husband during 202. After elapsing 15 years, it is now came to my knowledge that my wife has taken
NOTARIZED DIVORCE (on 500 stamp paper signed by two witnesses from both sides and notary) which has no value in the eyes of law. I have no children with her.

In these circumstances, I now wants to take divorce from her as she is regularly disturbing me by way of using abusive words.
Please help me
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Accepted Answer
Dr Katta Accepted Answer
1) Wife may file 498A and DV cases besides 125 CrPC, 24 of HMA for maintenance with full facts and evidences without delay to make the husband agree to her terms or realize the ground reality.

2) After 15 years, how do prove now say the fact of notarized divorce came to your knowledge now only. Just because you have disputes, you cannot take such plea.

3) You may file for dissolution with proper valid grounds, if not agreeable for MCD.

4) Consult a local experienced, competent, relevant family law expert, an intelligent, able Advocate of repute, in person, with full facts, documents and evidences, to explain more elaborate in detail.

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