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Required ur help badly sir, Actually one of my frnd had got married 2 years back and shifted to US as her husband was working there, and she tried all the possible way to make a home with her husband, but their family is so bad, I don\'t have any words to describe, there was nt a single day when they don\'t play game with my frnd, evry day they used to say wht had u weared, wht a bad food u had cooked, i mean sir, when I heard about her, ws feeling vry bad for her, don\'t you believe sir before marriage she ws live like a Queen, she knws evrythng bt she don\'t used to do...but sir she is so simple and gentle after marriage she started doing all works, she used to cook food, she started working in US, but still the problem was there only, all 3 ( mom, dad, divyansh(her husband)) used to treat very badly sir, where she was alone, she don't knw anyone in US, Only person she knows is her husband and as per the hindu marriage, there are seven vows,
First vow :-
First Vow:

For the First Vow, the Groom promises his bride: “om eshaekapadibhavaitiprathaman” which means ‘You will offer me food and be helpful in every way. I will cherish you and provide welfare and happiness for you and our children’. The bride complies in return: “dhanamdhanyampadevadet” which means ‘I will take the responsibility for our home and all household, food and our finance’. In short, the bride and groom promises each other prosperity by fulfilling their respective roles in their lives.

but for her case she had done whtevr she promise, she offer the food but instead of cherish, he alwz used to say, wht u had cooked..this is nt one time...this is for evryday.

second and third vow is related to children so haven't tested...so no comment, as she left him after few months only.

Fourth Vow:

During the Fourth phera, the groom promises his bride that “om mayo bhavyasjaradastaya ha” which means ‘You have completed me and brought sacredness into my life. He continues his promise by saying may we be blessed with noble and obedient children’. In response to his promise, the Bride says “lalayami cha padevadet”, which means, ‘I will shower you with joy and will strive to please you in which ever way I can’.

But again I'm sorry to say in her case she followed her promise, she was doing all his work in such a way that her husband is going to love, I mean as per husband choice...she forget her choice:(:(:(:(...but in turn whe she get is you evn don't knw hw to clean, or hw to fold bedsheets:(:(:(...

Fifth Vow:

During the Fifth phera, the Groom promises his bride, “om prajabhyahasantujaradastayaha”, by which he means ‘You are my best friend, and my only well-wisher. You have come into my life and enriched it.’ To this the Bride replies by saying, “arte arbasapadevadet” meaning ‘I promise to love and cherish you for all my life. Your happiness is my happiness, and your sorrow is my sorrow too. I will trust you and honor you, and will strive to fulfill all your wishes’

But here also she followed her promise as she always respect him, none of the single day come whn she talked with him with high tone never sir but instead he always giving support, always demoralizing her.

Sixth Vow:

During the Sixth phera, the groom says to his bride, “Rutubhyah shat padibhava” which means ‘Now that we have taken six steps together, you have filled my heart with immense joy. Will you do the kindness of filling my heart with such happiness at all times?’ to this the bride says, “yajnahomshashthevachovadet” which means ‘I will always be there by your side’.

Here also she followed, till the time she lived with him, she always done those work, which is instructed by her husband, no single day were there when she live as per her own wish... which was vey bad:(:(:(:(

seventh vow doesn't follow in their case, as they are not able to live together and that's final sir:(:(....but i m pretty much sure that if they are testing this vow then she will pass...i knw she is vry simple sir.

now sir you tell me, how cn anyone live with such person who is not even giving respect.

So I tried that give a last thought, and she is agreed giving divorce b'coz it's good to live an independent life than a slave life, where there is no self respect.

So it's a humble request sir...That guy is in US(her husband),

sir, what are the options available for her as of now,

Is there any way to raise a complaint to US cops against him, if yes, how?

What are the options for her to raise a complaint against his family?

How can she get her self respect back?

please answer sir.

Thanks in Advance sir,
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