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  2. Domestic Violence
  3. Wednesday, December 06 2017, 06:36 PM
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From past 24 years I am living in my husband's house with his elder brother and family . My husband has his job in another city .
His elder brother and family lives on 2nd floor and I live on 1st floor of the house with my two children .
From the past many years she is applying bad tactics to harass us . One of her tactics is to disturb us by severe THUMPING wherever she sense your presence then she throws whatever she got on the floor to make a harsh loud noise .Whenever she came to know about my children exams she will continue THUMPING .
Last time when I object she threw Matka over me you can see in the picture for which I ran back her . She in efforts to protect herself got slip in bathroom.

And reach police station before me to lodge a complain against me so that I would do it later .
This is not the first time she has done this unfair means many times by taking AWAARA MAN of the colony as fake witness who I have never seen earlier spoke against me , and she and her elder daughter got a warrant in that case .

She with her elder always comes to beat me with stick , rod or hammer and contrastly file cases against me.

Now its pinnacle of everything what to do in this case.
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PS Dhingra Accepted Answer
:) Instal a CCTV camera to for getting her activities duly recorded.( :)
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