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My wife has filed false DV case on me and my parents. I was staying with my wife family after marriage and my parents never been involved in my marriage. But my wife side everyone is involved including with her uncle and other relatives too. Whatever they mentioned it was absolutely incorrect. I have a lawyer hired but I dunno whether he s taking me into the right direction. Every time he will be asking for money till now I spent 1 lakh in 5 months. For anticipatory bail 30000, for regular bail 20000 for 498a, 25000 for filing divorce and 25000 for filing petition against DV. I want advise whether I am going in right direction. Please help... Also advise what action I can take for these false case against me and my parents. Can I sue her and her parents and their relatives..
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PS Dhingra Accepted Answer
:( You will have to keep your pocket wide open till the case materialises. Such cases bring very great opportunities for some greedy type of lawyers to get maximum benefit out of the helplessness of the accused due to the ruthlessness of wives. But still the accused remains at the receiving end as law mostly favours wives unless the husbands have some solid proof against their litigant wives.

Better take shelter of mediation by a group of some impartial elders to help you out of the dilema, in stead of continuing with your legal struggle to some indefinite period.
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