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I received an offer from Tech Mahindra (Bangalore) and joined the organisation in May 2015. But due to some family problems i have to move back to my home location urgently and i have only worked for 2 weeks. And have left the organisation without any intimation assuming it to be Absconding. So since then i never shown Tech Mahindra in my resume.
On Tuesday i have received a Notice from Advocate hired by Tech Mahindra and asked my to pay Full and Final settlement amount of Rs 49,051 + 15% interest annually from the due date. And he also mentioned that i have to pay this amount with in the period of 7 days after receiving the notice. If i don't pay then a civil, criminal case with be open against me.
So i replied to him on 10/08/17 Thursday to know about the breakup of Rs 49,051. Then on 11/8/2017 Friday i received the mail from Tech mahindra with my FNF settlement slip. Below are the details:

Pay components Total Amount(Rs)

Salary Earnings:-
Unclaimed Flexi 931.00
Leave Encashment 0.88 days 638.00
Advance Variable Pay (60%) 1,604.00

Gross Earnings ____________ 3,173.00

Salary Deductions:-

Provident Fund 0.00
Access Card 1,000.00
Net PAy Validation Arrears 21,783.00
Hold Salary -35,534.00
Notice Period Recovery 90.00 days 64,975.00

Total Deductions __________ 52,224.00

Total Settlement Amount -49,051.00
Where i didn't understand "Net PAy Validation Arrears" for which i need to ask Tech mahindra about it.
For 90 days recovery period, i have checked my appointment letter.

Termination of Employment Is attached in the attachment

I request you please suggest me the best possible solution.
I'm also not in the condition to pay this amount.

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Accepted Answer
PS Dhingra Accepted Answer
You have asked to suggest you the best possible solution, whereas you have attached merely one page out of a notice containing 27 pages. So, where is the scope of suggesting you even some casually workable solution without detailed examination of the contents of the notice?

As revealed from the sample of notice even from one page out of 27 pages, it reveals it is not merely a case of recovery, but also a case of stringent punishment for your absconding from duty, besides the proposed revovery.

In fact, if you are still facing the problem, you have the need to take a consultancy from some very experienced service laws expert before you decide to respond to the notice.
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GURU Accepted Answer
I endorse the advice rendered by Mr. Dhingra.
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5 Star Consultants Accepted Answer
You have been provided the best possible solution to your problem by Mr. PS Dhingra.
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