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  3. Tuesday, February 13 2018, 09:38 AM
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Tamilanadu polytechnic lecturer exam was completed. I got 6 th rank.the exam is canceled due to marks manipulation done by pvt scanned company,even though they conduct certificate verification. But no leakage of paper , no omr tampering, no reason to cancel exam is explain by recruiting board. For that against we filled a writ petition to conduct certificate verification in madras high court. The lawyer said 10000 per head.so only 30 are add petitioner's due to money problem of students.our of 2126 members. Lawyer said only petitioner will get benifit not all members , please joined all. Only petitioner will get job if case is win. So we are in fear.we don't about laws, we feel justice is equal for all selected candidates. If we added petitioner he will get 2 Cr.from us. Please suggest sir
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