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I work in IT industry in an MNC and my company's client has offered me a job at their location. They have asked to start the process unofficially and have ruled out the idea of buying us out from the current organization as they cannot do that..
One of the management person knows about this and has informed the management as well about this.
As per the company's policy, we cannot work at the client eveb after one year of separation from the current orgnaization.

I am willing to join the client as it is a huge opportunity for me which i wont get again in a lifetime but i don't want any legal proceedings against me. Also i want to have a clean background for my furutre career prospects as well. Please suggest if i have any option so that i can join the client without any legal proceedings against me.

Thanks in advance!
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Accepted Answer
PS Dhingra Accepted Answer
My belief, solution is always there. But some purposeful opinion can be formed only on analytical examination of the terms of employment to find out possibility to your requirement. If liked, you may send scanned copy of your offer/ appointment letter for examination.
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Hemant Chaudhary Accepted Answer
Kindly elaborate the matter for proper guidence .. You can contact me for detailed consultation .. Ph:-9654062181/ consultation fee :- 1000/- Adv Hemant Chaudhry
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