1. Amit Kumar
  2. Labour Laws
  3. Saturday, August 12 2017, 11:16 PM
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Dear Sir
I have joined the firm M/s Viraj Profiles Ltd.,Mumbai.
The Company had recruited me for the post of junior operator from my college after conducting a brief interview.Once I got selected , the company provided the list of candidates selected for the post.The job included one year of training period.The company also provided me the other details like salary breakups(basic, Transportation allowance,PPF contribution,Overtime allowances etc.) ,Date of joining and an empty contract of employment to submitted before joining the company.
As per the schedule the company , I joined the company on 15/06/17 and have been working 6 days a week for 12 hrs. on daily basis but even after passage of 02 months , the company has neither provided me the salary for the work I have done nor the joining letter.Though the company has also not asked me to submit the contract of employment so far but still sometimes it feels like I have been cheated by the company.Lucrated towards a regular job , I travelled 1000s of kilometres away from my home expecting a formal and regular job.But when I ask about my joining letter , the HR only replies "You will get to know once the joining letter is given to you".They don't mention a fixed date for providing me the joining letter or salary slip etc.
At this point of time , I am losing patience and want to sue the HR/Company to the court of law for wasting my precious time and efforts along with the mental trauma I have been through.
Kindly guide me.From where and how should I being

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