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  3. Friday, January 12 2018, 02:53 PM
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I am Koushik uppala and I am a victim of these money eating and unprofessional lawyers , who work only for money but not for the client’s purpose!!. Also, my lawyer happens to be a former president of bar council of Vijayawada. So, you may think what is the problem then?, But that is the biggest problem that he is a former president of the association because, no other lawyer is coming forward to help us. The issue is that , we took his help for a ‘civil’ case in which my Grandfather’s brother has illegally grabbed our building, and also has filed a case in the court appealing that the building is his property. So, in reply we hired this lawyer to fight for us. At the beginning we gave him 1 lakh to fight for us and he said that “ This is a baseless case and I will see its end in no time!!” But now it has been ‘5 and half years’, till today there is no progress in this case.And he has been taking his money on time though.So what should I do?
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Accepted Answer
GURU Accepted Answer
Change of lawyer may perhaps be better. But, if no other lawyer prefers to come forward openly against the ex president of the Br Council, some lawyer, if you try can be tied up for background support with appropriate fee to guide you from time to time during the trial, provided you take up your own case to fight in person in the court.
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