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  3. Sunday, June 18 2017, 07:00 PM
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Dear sir

recently , i went to see my ancestral property in village .The village house is having three portions of land on same plot equally and my father and two uncles reside there . My grandfather did not transfer rights on any of son . My grandfather died intestate in 2015 but whole plot is still undivided property but possession is with all three sons equally . now our portion was in the middle but we stay in city not there , goes after 3-4 months there .....but my father has given our portion to my one uncle who is next to our portion , this is without any sale deed , just by words , without even asking their children i.e class II heirs . request you to please help how can i get my share being grandson in ancestral property where my uncle is raising his house now . i dont want to give my share to them...may be i would give to temple . please let me know how can i stop my uncle to build home on our land ?? if my father would have done sale deed then i could challenge that not being done without any legal necessity . how can my father sell/give the land which is having rights of his children as well to someone else ?? please suggest what to do legally to stop this !!
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Accepted Answer
Dr Katta Accepted Answer
1) During your fathers life time, he may alienate his share as he may wish.

2) You cannot claim now any share.

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