1. V.P.Murugan
  2. Procedure: Civil Law
  3. Sunday, February 11 2018, 01:09 PM
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A Land broker asked our lands in Madurai for sale, but we refused to sell. Meanwhile, Land brokers filed tenant right case in Tahsildar office on the basis of Treasury Chelan in 2013, and the same was dismissed by the Tahsildar in 2014. Then they appealed before Revenue court of Madurai in 2015, and they got favorable order. After that, we filed revision petition before the District Revenue Officer. After the examination who passed the order favorable to us in 2017. In the detailed order the DRO canceled the order of Revenue Court, and also rejected the tenant right.
In the circumstances, They Land brokers are not willing to appeal against the order of DRO in Civil Court. Instead, they filed permanent Injunction suit in Sub Court. The purpose of land brokers want to delay the case. Our Advocate is preparing to file rejection plaint to file and he advised us do not do any work on the land until the case is completed because temporary injunction can be given to them.
What can I do sir? I would like to enter in to our land immediately. Please advice to us?
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