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  3. Sunday, February 11 2018, 10:10 PM
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My grandfather my mother's father has gifted a house to my mother around 1999 Yr 165sq yrds BT he registered only 60 sq yrds on my father name as sale deed another 105sq yrds on my grandpa name itself bt we use to enjoy it from beginning thereafter he died in 2005 i mean 60 sq yrds my purchased according to documentation another 105 sq yrds which on my grandpa name later after his death my grandma wife of my grandpa registered as gift deed to my mother in 2010 so due to differences existed by sisters n family issues I left my home stays out single(30) faces lots of difficulties to survive daily life ... so now I want to know as a son do I any right to claim a property partition against my mother's property ? Or also a 60 sq yrds property partition registered on my father's name for me .. Because they asked to away from home as im unemployee even so reasons so.. Need proper advice if I can claim for partition of any property for at least future...thanks
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ranjan kumar Accepted Answer
Till your father and mother alive you can not claim anything from that property.
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