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  3. Thursday, October 12 2017, 09:56 PM
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I have got regular fone calls from police station to come, but i dont go, and then i applied for anticipatory bail yesterday, but today there was a strike of advocates, so that judge ordered for next hearing on 28th of this month, i just want to know that from today shall police come to my home or may arrest me or not

today io give his answer which was that a girl which is known to accused complaint that accused come near my home and he a car which is on the name of accuse take near from my house, and not giving victims car which they both exchange before... and even accused take 4 lacs from her and she have a wriiten eveidence of this also..

and in his investigation io says that accused got his car back and victim not got her car and the victims car is giving to some thirld person by victim in 3 lacs ant he is not giving the mony of her also, even they take a statement by thirld person also that he wants 3 lac for accused and the car is with him as a security
but because there was a strike my advocate dont answered, but our answer was that we never go and take our car from her house, even victim our by some one else replace car from hear and then after four days car was recoverd in parking of some mall to accused, accuse intimate both of lost and found to same police station by speed post, even for victims car accuse give the thirld person no and was also know of victim so they both making fool to accuse, may be with the help of police, and accuse have given the money to victim even for that accuse have her aadhar copy signed and a written document, and mentioned that no dues left...

thats all

so, sir/ mam pls give your opinion what they can do now, evan they dont launch fir till now

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indian Accepted Answer
Lawyers strike throughout Delhi District Courts has been off from today i.e. - 14/10/2017. So you can apply to the court for preponement of the hearing of Bail Application as you are apprehending arrest.

Ankit Tuli Advocate
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