1. Jitesh Kumar
  2. Real Estate & Property Law
  3. Friday, January 12 2018, 07:18 PM
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I invested 4 lac for a plot in Asansol in year 2013 through a company called Hahnemann Housing Development company ltd. The investment was done with agreement on bond paper and all payment was through check to their bank account. Initially the company promised that they will develop the property and do proper plotting in next 3 years and will register the plot in my name. In year 2015 when we enquired about the plot, they told that they are unable to develop the property due to some legal issues. They promised to refund the money with interest according to our agreement on bond paper. But they did not return my money even after waiting for more then 1 year. I then filed a case in consumer forum where we had a mediation meeting in front of the consumer affair officer. In the meeting they agreed to return my money in 8 installment with 4% appreciation. I agreed on that too and we had an agreement on Note Sheet of the consumer affair department. But now its nearing 1 year and they did not refund my money and are not willing to refund it in near future too. This is not a single case, there hundreds of investors like me and they all are victim of this company. They have projects in different districts of West Bengal and all projects have same status.
My question is- Can I file a petition in court in NCLT law. I heard that the cases in NCLT law takes less time(6 months max) then consumer court cases and it is much tougher law then a consumer case. Is it true? Please advice.
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