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  3. Wednesday, November 08 2017, 11:27 PM
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I booked a 2 BHK terrace flat in Jan 16 in Thane through a Broker firm. Did the sales agreement in Nov 16 and supposed to get possession in comming 6 months. In sales agreement terrace area of 88 Sq Ft is clearly mentioned & agreed by builder. After getting the demand for 90% of work complition & upon visiting the site i understood that the agreed terrace area is not constructed, however only 58 sq ft area is built. Then I started approaching builder multiple times for last 7-8 months to get the tentative date of completion of complete terrace area as agreed. In every visit they gave oral commitments to complete the construction and simply passed the 7-8 months. Then I also pulled my broker firm in the matter, but builder clearly denied the completion of the constructtion of remaining 30 sq ft area, stating that he has not got the approvals from Muncipal Corporation to do the said construction and asked to cancel the deal if I dont agree. Since my preference was for terrace flat, i paid the additional floor rise cost of 17 floors. I have been cheated by builder & broking firm by misleading sale & ll'be in a big loss if i cancel the agreement. Please advise me on legal front on this cheating & misleading sales. Also advise if in case i take any legal action against them will I get the possession of my flat on time during the pendancy of the matter in court?
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Hemant Chaudhary Accepted Answer
Hello good evening, i can provide you a detailed guidance over your query..For better understanding kindly communicate over phone ..Regards adv Hemant chaudhary, ph;-9654062181 consultation fee;-1000/-
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