1. Ganesh
  2. Real Estate & Property Law
  3. Thursday, October 12 2017, 01:32 PM
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hi respected sirs,
I need your guidance to get my property registered in my/mothers name.below are the details 1.property is in bangalore
2 sites 30x40 2.in 1986 sale agreement and notarised irrevocable gpa was executed by the seller x in favor of my father f.
3.now my father f and seller x both are expired.
4.we have built house and staying in the said property from 1989 onwards peacefully,till date almost 27-28 years ,paying all property taxes,current bill etc, recently B khata also done .
5.now we want to get the clear titles in my /mothers name
6.the seller x have few children and if we approach them to get my property registered ,they are bound to demand a very high consideration given the property rates in bangalore are sky high,and we are not in a position to afford to pay that much amount.
7.needed your kind advise as to how to proceed further to get /perfect the clear titles by way of adverse possession/any other property law .
Please guide me
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