1. Ritika
  2. Real Estate & Property Law
  3. Wednesday, October 11 2017, 02:24 PM
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See we have sold our 1st and 2nd floor in Jahangir puri, Delhi.Ground floor is with our one of the relatives.But we are not in contact with them.1st and 2nd floor will be constructed by making stairs from outside.Now the 1st chain papers when the whole house was with the ground floor party are with them.They have not given us from that time.And I think those papers should have been with us from the starting as they are supposed to be with the top floor party which is we in this case.Now they are denying to give us those papers since we don have much contact when legally those papers are ours and ahould be with us.
Now what action can we take??Its really urgent Sir/Mam Please.
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