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  3. Thursday, October 12 2017, 01:27 PM
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There is an old retired couple (retired from govt service). Their son died 1.5 years ago. Their son and his family lived on the first floor of their home. The son had two businesses (transport business and one govt contract for 3 years) and both of these businesses have been transferred to his wife. All his properties (2 plots, 1 car, policies, investments) have been transferred into his wife's name. The son's wife is not in good terms with the in-laws and says she does not want any contacts with them. But here is the problem: She still lives on the first floor of their home with her 2 kids and wants that home to be transferred in her name. The home was built by the father and mother's hard earned money and they are still giving EMI for it after 30 years. They took a loan during their govt service. The son's wife has many times abused them in public and never talks to them. Now, the father and mother-in-law want to sell out that home to get rid of their daughter-in-law. What are the options available for them? They are ready to give their daughter-in-law her share in their ancestral property, but not in the property that they bought from their hard earned money. One more problem: The daughter-in-law has somehow developed connections with the local MLA during the past year and always threatens them with consequences.
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Arvind Singh Accepted Answer
As such you have mentioned the couple is the senior citizen, considering the fact they are retired from the government office, they can file a case under Maintenace and Protection of Senior Citizen, 2007. Section 23 empowers the senior citizen to evict their son/daughter/or any relative on whom they are dependent.

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