1. Purvam Patel
  2. Real Estate & Property Law
  3. Wednesday, October 11 2017, 10:52 PM
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There are many ongoing projects of awas yojana in Gujarat. The form distribution process was conducted in certain time limit which as of today is closed.The form distribution process was that any person can get its form from Kotak Bank after paying Rs.300. After opening the form in terms and conditions you come to know that the person applying is eligible to take part in draw if his income is below certain level and he does not have his own house in Gujarat. There are many other terms and conditions. If the application is approved then the person is eligible to take part in draw. If the person wins in draw he has to pay the desired amount in intervals. Here my question is "Is it a Fair practise" according to the law because the person is not assured to get anything in return. If he loses in draw his Rs.300 are gone and nothing is returned to him in return. So why this practise can be considered to be fair?
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