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  3. Wednesday, December 06 2017, 09:44 AM
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I had an agreement dated 7.11.17 with a man, say X, to buy some land for 64L within 60days. He wasn't real owner. He had an agreement with real owner Y who has 4 brothers and 3 uncles & all have joint ownership of the land.

A/c to their agreement dated 16.10.17, Y will sell the land to X or anyone endorsed by X within 11months.

X&Y told me that I'll have to pay 20L in advance to either X or Y and then land registry will be done within 2-4 days. I paid 20L to X via cheque on 18.11.2017. But X&Y didn't keep their promise and kept delaying the date of registry.

Also, I wanted to talk to Y's brothers & uncles to make sure they know about the deal and agree with it. But X&Y kept telling me that they live in other states and I can't talk to them.

I lost my trust in them and on 03.12.2017, I told X I don't want to purchase the land and want my money back. He says he has given the money to Y and can return my money only after he sells land to someone else and gets money. If I wait for him to sell the land to someone else, it may take several months. What should I do? What is the legal recourse if I want to get my money back as soon as possible.

Please guide me.
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Hemant Chaudhary Accepted Answer
Kindly elaborate the matter for proper guidence .. You can contact me for detailed consultation .. Ph:-9654062181/ consultation fee :- 1000/- Adv Hemant Chaudhry
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