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  3. Wednesday, October 11 2017, 03:35 PM
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Hi, my grand father Maregowda, my father(Ravi gowda) & My uncle Chowdegowda entered into a deed in the year of 1993 & they partitioned between them by using "PaaluPatti".

But the PaaluPatti has not registered on that time(Now after filed a case by our aunt's, the court approved to register PaaluPatti recently. We registered Paalupatti recently i,e., March-2018).

As per Paalupatti, Total 6 acres divided and shared between my father, my uncle & my grand father. They got 2 acre each respectively.
Out of 6 acre, 3 acre derived from my great grand father & 3 acre was purchased by my grand father.
That includes one more agreement which is my grand father can crop in his part of asset until unless they both alive(My grand father & grand mother) & after their death it will be divided between my father & my uncle.
After that all documents(RTC & EC) are coming in their names as per their partition.

Everything goes right until my father alive, after I lost my father, my aunt's file a suit for portion over female share over the ancestral property in the year of Nov-2010.

1> So as per the Hindu Amendment Act 2005, will they(My aunts) gets equal share.?
2> Will they get share only my grand father part of land 2 acre (because it still in my grand father name only)
3> How can we raise a complaint if they comes with goons next time. Police complaints won't works, because they (My aunt husband & son's) are big hand in society.?

A) Maregowda(Grand father) (Died: Sep-2009)
B) Sundramma(Grand mother) (Died: March-2011)
i) Hombalamma(My aunt)(Married in 1965, Born in 1945)
ii) Ravi(Father)(Died: Aug-2008)
iii) Chowdegowda(My uncle)
iv) Chikkamma(Aunty Married in 1980, Born in 1963)

Important Date:
Grand father died: Sep-2009
Grand mother died: March-2011
Case filed: Nov-2010
My first aunt married: 1965
My second aunt married: 1980
Partition date: June-1993 (Form 20/MR - 13/93-94)

Sorry for bad English & not using of law terms.

Please help me regarding this, am eagerly waiting for your reply.
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