1. Utkarsh
  2. Succession of Property
  3. Saturday, August 12 2017, 12:34 AM
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I have a question on the current situation in my family.
We had an ancestral property built by my great grandfather. The property was distributed between his 2 sons (my grandfather and his bother). My grandfather sold his share of property and purchased 2 flats. I am staying in one of them and other is occupied by my younger brother, his wife and parents. One flat is registered on the name of my late grandmother and the other is on a GPA (jointly in names of my grandfather and my mother). My grandparents are no more.
My Grandfather has daughter and son. My bua has signed a relinquishment deed in favor of my father
We do not have good relations with my parents and feel that they may transfer everything on my brother’s name. Please suggest on how I can go ahead and get my share on the property.
The other question is that after my marriage, my wife's entire jewelry (including jewelry from my in laws) is kept with my mother. She is refusing to hand over the jewelry to my wife. How should we proceed to get our belonging and share in property?
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