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My mother was running ill and was loosing hope day by day. During her illness she made her hand written WILL (unregistered) in presence of two witnesses. Unfortunately she could not survive to get her WILL registered.

After this incident my father made a registered WILL and in my father’s WILL there are clear details of my mother’s WILL with date of execution and other details.

My questions are

(1) Now does my mother’s WILL act like as a registered WILL?
(2) Mine is a Hindu Family and I am the only son. Can my sisters (Two Numbers) challenge my Mother’s WILL, since it is unregistered?
(3) Can I legally press my sisters to abide by my Mother’s WILL?
(4) Where do the WILL of my mother & father stay under Law, when it is placed for actual execution?

Kindly explain in detail and help.
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Accepted Answer
Dr Katta Accepted Answer
1) Will whether registered or not makes no difference. Your mothers Will is valid.

2) Get the Will Probated. When filed, your sisters may challenge. Court will examine their objections if any and issue probate orders.

3) No need for you to press your sisters to abide by your mothers Will.

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