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Sir, My two sons (Age 15 years and 13 years) are studying here. Due to temperamental difference with my wife, I live separately for the last three years and children are living with their mother. My wife is a house wife and I pay their all the house hold expenditure and costly school fee ( around 42000/- quarterly by cheque) of both the children. She, in connivance with her mother and brothers, started misguiding the children against me, she never cared about their study and proper development. Then I filed a Guardian & Ward case in the local civil court in 2014. My wife refused to appear in the case and then ultimately I got Ex-Part judgment in my favor (in November 2015) and the court instructed to handover the children to me (father). On not getting the compliance of the judgment I filed application for its execution and the court issued execution order as well and instructed Police to execute the order. Then my wife appeared in court and filed application to set aside the judgment and stop the execution. The litigation in the court is going on. The school (Ryan International School) in which the children are studying is behaving very irresponsible. At one point of time they refused to entertain me and refused to share any kind of academic information with me. The academic condition of the elder son has gradually become very poor (Earlier he was good in study). He passed the 9th standard in March 2017 by just around 39% of marks. Then being a father and an academician I wrote an application to the Principal to repeat my elder son in 9th only and give him sufficient time and care so that he prepare well to get promoted in 10th standard and appear in 10th Board exam of CBSE with full preparation. I did this because for the academic and professional career of any child the result of 10th standard is very important and counts a lot. But under the pressure of my wife the school principal refused to do so. Again in August 2017 when the Periodic Test-1 result came and I asked for the result, I found that my son was fail in three out of five subjects(Math 14%, Science 18% and Social Science 21%). He marginally passed in Hindi, and English only. Ultimately in August 2017 I wrote an application to the principal and school management to provide me TC (Transfer certificate) of my elder son. But they are not responding any thing on my application. At this position I need suggestion from you that: 1. Can I file any kind of case against school and its management in Consumer Forum court (for the academic and career loss of my child in spite of my repeated request to repeat the child in the same class or provide me TC)? 2. Can I file any kind of application in the existing Guardian & Ward execution case to make the school accountable for the academic loss and the dark future that the child is going to have. 3. What kind of legal course of action I can take against the school.

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