Posting Etiquette

This is an open platform. People of variety of background may join this platform. Therefore, it is necessary that an atmosphere of peace and harmony is maintained by all participants. You are, therefore, requested to:

  1. Not use all caps in your posts. All caps means you are shouting.
  2. Not post the same message more than once.
  3. Not toggle between CaPitAl aNd LoWeRcAsE LetTeRs.
  4. Use only one exclamation mark (!), if required.
  5. Be careful sharing private information.
  6. Avoid slangs, shorthand or short forms. Many people may not understand or like them.
  7. Be polite, courteous and respectful for others. Use humble words like please, sorry etc. more often. Don’t hurt anybody. You are likely to be get better help if you build a good reputation on this forum.
  8. Use a clean and socially acceptable language. Once you write bad words, abuses or something that hurts somebody, your words will always remain on the internet. The whole world can read it at any time for a considerable length of period. It reflects badly upon your internet reputation. People may quietly avoid you.
  9. You don't need to personally thank everyone who responds to your question, but you can definitely thanks to people who seem to make an effort to solve your problem.
  10. Always use ‘search’ feature before asking a question. Chances are, your topic is already covered somewhere.
  11. Do not post empty or useless responses. Post responses only when you have something to contribute.
  12. Help others if you can. You may have some special knowledge, expertise or undergone some typical experience which could be relevant to someone else. If that is the case, respond to their question and try to help them.
  13. You can create your Signature in your Edit Profile section. But try to keep your signature short and brief.
  14. Not sort out your Personal differences with another member through the posts displayed to everyone. You can do it by sending him Private messages and Emails etc.
  15. Not spam or use this forum to promote your product, service, business or affiliate links etc. You may be blacklisted for this.
  16. Respect the Moderator. Moderator is a person who is over all in-charge of all posts of a particular category. If the moderator asks you not to do something, whether you agree with him or not, don't do it. If you don't like it, you're welcome to find another forum with different rules. Remember, the moderator usually has the power to suspend or ban you and your posts.
  17. Also read Tips for writing posts.