Ranking System

This site provides a uniform ranking system for all its users. The ranking system is based on your activity on this site. Your activity is measured by the number of Points and Badges you achieve.


You earn certain points for certain positive actions, and lose certain points for certain negative actions. A complete list the various action and their corresponding points can be seen on Point System page. You earn 20 points as bonus just by creating an account on this site. You can see your points on your Profile page below your Avtar.

Progress Bar

You can also see your progress in the progress bar below your Avtar with each of your post. The green colored bar will progress with the points you earn.


You can earn a Badge for doing a certain action more frequently than others. The Badges that you achieve are shown under Your Achievements below your Avtar in the left hand section of the site. A complete list of Badges can be seen on the Badges page. 

Top Members

We provide special recognition to the top 10 most active members on this site. Their names and points are displayed with their Avtar on the right hand side of the site under Top Members section. You can also be one of them by participating in more and more activities on this site.

Hope you enjoy visiting this site.