Tips for Writing Posts

Reading a webpage is different from reading a book. Here are some tips which make your post easy for others to read:

  1. Choose the appropriate category carefully.
  2. Use short sentences in your posts.
  3. Change paragraphs frequently. Do not include more than 5 sentences in one paragraph. Some paragraphs may even have a single sentence.
  4. There should be at least two lines space after changing a paragraph. It leaves enough white space on the web page, which is soothing for readers' eyes.
  5. Avoid repetition of words and sentences.
  6. Provide reasonably sufficient information while asking or answering a question.
  7. Write a short meaningful title for your question, so that people can understand your problem from the title itself.
  8. Stay on topic. You can create a new question if the discussion tends to depart from main question. Do not post a new question in someone else's question/discussion. You may start a new question instead.
  9. If you are writing a post in the middle of an already ongoing discussion, carefully read the previous posts before writing yours, so that you are on the same page with others.
  10. Use minimal outgoing URL (links), and only when absolutely necessary.
  11. Use smilies often. It conveys your emotions, which play significant role in human communication. It helps make a bond between the writer and readers.
  12. An image is worth thousand words. Upload and attach relevant image where it can be used. It gives lot of reading pleasure to the readers and conveys your thought in the right sense in a more absorbing way.
  13. If an image is worth thousand words, a video is worth million words. It is the best way of communicating your ideas to the readers on internet, and it is a lot of fun for the readers as well. Everybody loves videos.

    So embed and insert relevant videos with your post wherever it is possible.

    If you want to say or show something which you can't properly communicate by writing it, you can shoot it with your webcam on any other camera, upload it on any of the following site and embed the video link on this site with your post. It's fun!

  14. Upload your photo on Edit profile page. By doing so you will be letting us show your photo with all of your posts. Your photo makes a human connection between you and your readers, which results in better communication.

    If you don't upload your photo, our system will show a mechanical image like the one on right below. See which image makes better connection?

    Human Photo System Image
  15. Also read the Posting Etiquette.